THANKS to everybody who came and helped to make the congress an unforgettable experience !!!
Dear students and dentists,

a very warm welcome to the homepage representing the biggest event of the younger dentistry-scene in the summer of 2004: the IADS congress in Berlin. We as the members and friends of the Exchange Association for Dentistry Students in Germany, `Zahnmedizinischer Austauschdients´ (ZAD), would like to invite you to visit us at the best place to follow the growing procedure of Europe: Berlin, the German capital, which was 30 years divided by a wall between the democratic and the communism part. The wall, which divided one generation the town in two parts, belongs now 14 years to the past and this year even Western and Eastern Europe are getting closer together because the European Union is going to welcome more member countries.

Is there a better place to host the 51st - IADS congress?

Berlin is not only because of its nearly 800years old history important - it is actually more the present and future this town makes to a unique place of the world.

Germany has as long tradition concerning dentistry and the industry belonging to it. The biggest dentistry fair of the world (IDS) is hosted every second year in Cologne - and that for 30 times already. Germany has more than 30 faculties for dentistry with more than 800 students. Our organisation for international exchange, the ZAD, has students helping in nearly every university town, trying to improve the international contacts between dentistry students from Germany and the world. That is why we decided to host the IADS congress this year - its moreover long time ago that Germany, a founding member of the IADS, had the opportunity to do so.

Hope you join us for this meeting respecting as a mixture of work, science, culture and party. But the most important thing is to have fun while meeting people and colleagues from lots of different countries from all over the world.

This homepage will be updated regulary as we are still working on the programme and registration will be possible soon!

Be part of it!