Organizer of the IADS congress in Berlin is the German Association for Exchange of Dental Students (Zahnmedizinischer Austauschdienst, ZAD). It was formed in 1981 by students for students. The central office is in Bonn.

The ZAD is responsible for the international relationship of dental students in Germany, is taking care of german students going on exchanges and foreign students coming to Germany. It is represented at most universities by a Local Exchange Officer (LEO).

ZAD meets twice a year together with the german general conference of dental students (Bundesfachschaftstagung) and there are one to two small LEO meetings.

The Executive Committee consist in 5 persons:

  • President: Mr Arne Wegner
  • Vize President: Mrs Ricarda Sauerstein
  • Chairman: Mr Jörn Wittig
  • Chairman: Mrs Inga Potthoff
  • Treasurer: Mr Hans-Peter Schultze

More information can be found on the homepage: